Arborist & Professional Tree Surgeon

Why hire an arborist or professional tree surgeon rather than an odd-job man?

An arborist, by profession, is trained to plant and maintain trees. Trees need a specific kind of care and can present a real danger to human life, property and the local environment if proper procedures are not followed. A qualified arborist will consider all the factors and not just dive in and start chopping. Tree surgery is dangerous. Special equipment is needed to perform work on a tree.

It is also important to consider that trees have considerable value. The healthier a tree, the more it is worth. It is therefore worth paying for a qualified arborist to perform work on the trees, hedges and bushes on your property.

As with any professional, a certified arborist has worked long and hard to gain his/her qualifications. Not only do we learn the art of climbing and felling huge trees but we also understand how to prune and feed a tree correctly. We understand how to spot early signs of disease and poor health. We also apply the art of effective tree planting so that future generations can benefit from our work.


Continuous professional development (CPD or studying beyond the initial qualification) is how all qualified arborists keep up to date with the latest technology, techniques, legislation, ethics and threats of widespread disease.

Cities Served: Brighton and the surrounding area

Services Provided: Tree Felling, Stump Removal, Hedge Trimming, Pollarding, Arborist

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