Before You Decide To Plant Trees, You Must Be Familiar With Staking

Whenever planting a young tree, apart from giving it water and nourishing substances, it also needs good support. When the tree is growing in the incorrect direction or it looks crooked, you need to make sure that it stays in the proper stance. Unless you do it when it is young, it will grow crooked for the rest of its life. If you wish to ensure that the tree grows straight up, the best option is to place two stakes in the ground on opposite sides of the tree and tie loops around the tree. The loops need to be loose enough so that the tree trunk can expand.

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The error a lot of people make is to mainly put a stake on one side of the tree. Trees won’t grow very well if you end up with one stake next to it. If you don’t know of a reason why the roots underneath the ground are moving, like from the wind, you should not be staking your trees. Abrupt movements are among the causes for young trees to die so having stakes on both sides can prevent it. When there is too much movement going on, the tree will not be able to stabilize the roots in the soil. Additionally it is not recommended to stake a tree if it doesn’t require it. When you have small children playing in your yard, stakes might be a potential hazard as well.

Appropriate staking is very simple since it requires three stakes that are tied near the base of the trunk. Keep something under the ropes to avoid rope burns on your tree. Your tree is going to develop better whenever you can lower the chance of friction. When it appears that your tree is fairly stable, it is best to remove the stakes right away. Any time you constrict the trees’ power to grow, they are going to start to die. It’s really a good idea to take away the stake temporarily if it looks like there will be little or no wind in your area.

You need to have a decent comprehension of the importance of proper staking if you want your tree to be strong and healthy. The opposite is going to happen if you do it when it shouldn’t be done. The tree could become seriously damaged or just die. If you aren’t sure of yourself, you’ll want to speak with a professional to find out what you should do. You should be ready to stake your trees whenever they need it.

A good thing to do is to find out what a specific tree needs before you plant it. You’ll want to determine whether the tree will need to be staked when it is young. You must also find out how windy your area gets.

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