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How Do You Trim a Hedge Like a Pro?

The easiest answer is to let a professional trim your hedge for you.


Neat and tidy hedges make a huge difference to your garden or property. The reason they have such an impact is that they form straight lines. They are a soft wall and act as a boundary between one part of the garden and another. An untrimmed hedge can look messy and reflect poorly on the rest of the garden despite all gardener’s best efforts.

And unlike a wall, a hedge needs maintenance on an annual basis. It is advisable to trim some hedges twice a year. If they are left untrimmed, they grow and grow. Leylandii for instance can grow far taller than the average house and prove a real challenge to manage unless kept to a reasonable height.

Cutting a hedge is hard work and dangerous

Cutting a hedge is a tough task, especially if the hedge has grown above head height and requires the owner to use a ladder. It is also medically advisable that individuals over the age of 60 avoid working for long periods of time with their arms above their heads. This means it is safer and quicker to employ the services of a professional hedge trimming service such as Chop ā€˜nā€™ Clear.


Not only does height present a challenge to an amateur gardener, but also a hedge will often need to treated with special care. The most obvious problem is large thorns on such varieties as hawthorn or holly. You can also get poisonous creepers such as Deadly Nightshade growing with the hedge. Another problem is nesting birds.

Cut back too far and you risk killing your hedge

How much to cut back at any one time is an important decision. If you cut back some varieties of hedge too far they will remain brown or grey for ages and may even die altogether. So before you wobble up your step ladder with a cheap trimmer, think twice. If nothing else consider the most common accident when trimming hedges, one not even associated with the actual hedge. It is surprisingly easy to cut the wire of your hedge trimmer’s power cable or other vital cable. You can give yourself a nasty shock or suffer lost power, telephone or internet.

You can’t mention hedges without talking about topiary – the art of sculpturing hedges. If this is something that interests you – give us a call.


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