Tree Felling – When to Call in Professional Tree Surgeons

As a tree grows its maintenance tends to increase accordingly. A tree purchased from a local garden centre or nursery may require gentle pruning from time to time. But year by year it will get bigger. A good sturdy ladder will then be required and secateurs (pruning shears) will not be enough. Instead you will need a good pair of long handled loppers to cut back the tree.

There then comes a point when the tree is either too tall for loppers or the branches have become so wide that insufficient force is available to cut the branch. If you have a fairly large garden with a fair number of trees or you are lucky enough to own an orchard, it is worth investing in a telescopic tree pruner.

For bigger trees saws and chainsaws will be required to prune and, if need be, fell a tree. This is when it is time to call the professionals.


If you have not felled a tree before, you will be surprised by the sheer weight of a single branch. A falling branch can easily kill someone. It can also do a lot of damage to nearby fences and plants around the trunk. You will also be surprised by how much time and effort it takes to clear one branch, let alone an entire tree. If you think tidying leaves in the autumn required plenty of trips to the local skip or compost heap, consider how many trips it will take to clear a large branch.

We do not recommend that any amateur gardener considers buying a chainsaw. They are highly dangerous tools, probably the most dangerous DIY tool, and need to be handled by professionally trained individuals. Not only is the chainsaw dangerous but you also need to consider what you are cutting. It may have been fun climbing trees as a child, but don’t ever consider climbing a tree with a chainsaw in one hand.


If you need to fell a large tree, you may also have to consider possible legal implications. Many trees in Britain are protected. They also create habitat for birds and animals and therefore this must also be weighed accordingly before making the decision to fell a tree.

We can advise you on any aspect of tree felling. We will also clear the site afterward and avoid you incurring the costs of removal. If you would like to keep the wood for burning or other uses we can also advise on cutting, drying and storing so you make the most from available wood.

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