Tree Stump Removal

Once a tree has been felled, you are left with a stump. Sometimes the stump can be treated and left as a feature. However, people often want to remove them. Depending on the size of the stump there are various different techniques available. Common to all of them is the important factor that the stump not be left too long after the tree has been felled. A long delay makes the removal a more challenging task. Also untreated tree stumps are potential havens for fungi and diseases. It is not worth taking the risk and it is better to remove the stump altogether.


You can remove a stump at any time of the year. We suggest applying a chemical stump killer to the freshly cut wood soon after felling. There are also non-chemical options available. If the surface wood of the stump has had time to dry since felling, we usually remove a slice of the dry wood to achieve a good chemical application.

Under every stump is a root structure. With smaller trees, a winch can pull out the whole structure. It is important to therefore leave a fairly lengthy stump so a winch can be attached. Once the stump is out, we then use a mini excavator to remove the larger roots from around the base. In more confined spaces, we rely on spades to dig out the roots by hand.

The depth we choose to dig to will depend on the type of tree removed and the intended use of the resulting space. For instance, if the area left by the tree is only to be turfed over, it is not necessary to dig down particularly far.


Root systems can spread fairly long distances. One example of this is the weeping willow, which will surprise you with how far the roots have travelled.

For bigger trees which have been blown over, sometimes you may be lucky to have the root structure already half out. However, this is rare. Much heavier equipment will be required and we need to assess the best solution to remove the stump.

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